St Mark’s is a typically “Anglican” parish: unlike its neighbours it is neither Anglo-Catholic nor Evangelical in tradition, and attracts worshippers who are comfortable with a restrained, recognizably Anglican liturgy. It has been described as a country church in an urban setting and is the hub of the local community.

St Mark’s uses Common Worship on Sundays and the English Hymnal, and the Sunday liturgy is modern catholic – vestments, lights, nave altar (although communion is received at the high altar). Incense is not used and the sacrament is not currently reserved.

There is a pricket stand in the St Mark’s/Lady Chapel where candles can be lit. This Chapel is currently used for the Wednesday evening BCP communion.

We greatly value the children of our community and have strong links with Clerkenwell Parochial School, 4th Clerkenwell Guide group, and 1st Islington (Acorns) Scout Group. Children are encouraged to become servers, read lessons, assist as sidesmen, etc. and take a pride in being part of our community. There is a dedicated children’s area in the north aisle.